About Us

Globonus Introduction

Globonus Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 4th July 1997 and was subsequently acquired to be wholly-owned by Bumiputra shareholders in April 2012, in an equity and management restructuring exercise.

As part of this restructuring exercise, Globonus had also revisited its business directions with a focus on its strength and opportunities, its acquired expertise and the opportunities to mutually enhance the business potential and opportunities of both itself and its customers, the biggest of which was the Petronas Chemical Group(PCG).

We have embarked on a number of self improvement starategy and initiatives based on our new Vision-Mission statement. This would impact not only the enhancement of PCG current business opportunity but also opens-up a creation of new market opportunity for new customers - a win-win formula for all, which I would like to share with you.



Our Infrastructure
We are located in Padang Besar, Perlis, a stone-throw away from the Malaysian-Thailand border as well as both road and rail border crossings. And we are now in the midst of setting-up our operation office in Thailand, and incorporating ourselves as a company (Globonus Thailand) in the Kingdom.

Our Capacity
To date, we owned a modern bonded warehouse space totaling 50,000 sq feet in area on 5 acres of land which we also use as an open container yard. We also own a fleet of containerised trucks, complete with container stacker/loaders and forklifts.

Our People
We have a team of dedicated and experienced in-house personnel who are seasoned and trained in inland logistic export documentation and clearance processes.
Most of our management and staffs are multilingual, and some read and speak Thai which augers well with our export business into Thailand

Our Organisation
We have over the years built good relationship with customs and immigration on both side of the border, and have the company have been accorded with pre-approved protocol on many key export documentations and procedures, which hasten the cros border processes.

Our HSSE Performance
WE have, over the past 5 years, traversed an estimated 3 million kilometers, representing 2,180 deliveries totaling over 62,000 metric tons of urea and polymer for PCG without any Serious Vehicle Accident (SVA), whereby our road delivery trucking records still hold a total Total Recordable Case Frequency (TRCF) of ZERO, a number which we proud of.